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Learn how Dr. Petit will tackle our state's most pressing issues.

A Bold Vision

Dr. Petit believes that there are core functions that our government should perform, but Connecticut’s state government has grown far too large and overreaching through decades of one-party rule.

In order for our state government to get back on track, Dr. Petit believes we need to focus on these core functions, which include public safety, providing services and protecting those most vulnerable in our society (children, very elderly and the disabled) and providing adequate infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.).

Connecticut’s perpetual fiscal crisis has put our ability to perform these services well in grave jeopardy. We need to get state’s fiscal house back in order so we can focus on providing quality services at the lowest cost to the taxpayers.

We can do this by focusing on restoring fiscal health, prioritizing spending, and improving our business climate.

Restore Fiscal Health

Money Stack

Connecticut is facing a fiscal crisis. We face over billion-dollar budget deficits in each of the next two years, despite the fact that the Democrat-controlled General Assembly passed the highest tax increase in the state’s history in 2011 and followed with the second highest tax increase in 2015.

Our recovery from the 2008 Recession still lags behind most states, including our neighbors in the northeast. Tax revenue projections continue to come in hundreds of millions of dollars lower than expected. The legislature is called into special sessions at regular intervals to plug up the holes in the sinking ship and make the budget balance for a few more months.

We can restore fiscal health by doing the following:

  1. Adopt balanced budgets based off of reasonable revenue estimates. That is what families and business owners across the state have to do every day as they run their households and their businesses, and the state should adhere to this same principle.
  2. Stop relying on raising taxes as a solution. Time has shown that raising taxes does little to fix our budget woes and just increases the number of residents and businesses looking to leave Connecticut.
  3. Adopt an enforceable spending cap. The income tax was passed in 1991 with a promise that the legislature would adhere to a Constitutionally voted upon spending cap (approved by 80% of voters!). Fast-forward 25 years later, this still has not happened.
  4. Cut back on bonding and only use for projects that are absolutely necessary, like school construction. We cannot continue to put things on the state’s credit card. Bonding under Governor Malloy has almost doubled since 2012, and we should reverse this trend.

Prioritize Spending


There are of course things that the state must, and should, spend money on, but in this time of fiscal crisis, we need to take a closer look at how much money we are spending and where we spending the most money.

For example, Governor Malloy is pushing a $100 billion transportation plan, citing the need to improve Connecticut’s deteriorating transportation infrastructure. While Dr. Petit agrees that we need to make certain improvements, we cannot afford a $100 billion plan. Bill supports the plan that legislative Republicans put forth that would spend less than a third of that amount, but would still tackle the most pressing needs across the state.

We need to tighten our purse strings and prioritize where we are spending our tax dollars. We should make investments in the future of our state, but we need to be careful not to spend too much, too quickly.

The state should look into privatizing certain services that are currently performed by state agencies. If a private company can perform a service more efficiently and for less money than a state agency, why should we continue to waste taxpayer money by having the agency run the service?

Improve Business Climate

Public Service

Dr. Petit believes small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. His family has been running small businesses for generations, and Bill has seen how the growth in over-regulation by the state and the increases in taxes and fees has impacted them. The state needs to stop punishing business owners.

Taxes and an unstable fiscal climate are driving businesses and employers out of the state. We need to take a look at the taxes and fees that we currently impose on our businesses and scale back the ones that are harming economic growth.

Connecticut is losing scores of bright young people because they cannot find jobs here. We should incentivize employers to hire young Connecticut residents so we can keep these talented individuals in state. They can help revitalize our economy.

Want to know more?

Dr. Petit supports a leaner, more efficient state government that manages the Connecticut’s finances in a more common sense and responsible way. He knows he can make these necessary changes to put Connecticut on the right path forward, and if you agree, Bill humbly asks you to support him in November.

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